The end of an Era

The end of an Era

Dear family & friends,

5 years… don’t they go by in a blink….

With very heavy hearts, we have decided to move on from PLAY to new and exciting projects…

To everyone who has shared a moment with us down at PLAY, we sincerely thank you. It has been an amazing rollercoaster ride and we are truly grateful that we got to spend time with so many amazing people. It has been an absolute pleasure hosting you all.

To all our staff, who helped shape our business, we really appreciate all your effort and how you have treated it as your own!

To all the artists, musicians, DJs, photographers, suppliers and everyone who contributed to the PLAY community, in their own individual way, no matter how big or small, you have no idea how much you mean to us and the huge difference you made in the shape of this city’s cultural path. We set out to create a space that wasn’t commercial, that was underground and that tapped into real music. We believe we accomplished this, with your contribution and support.

It will be full steam ahead with our programming until September 2 – our final evening. So please come down and say hey over the next few months as we go out with a BANG. We will keep you posted on our farewell par-tay!

PLAY BAR is a unique space which there aren’t too many more of in this town. If you know anyone or are interested in taking over the space please contact either one of us for more info.

Much love, Dan & Sarah
— at PLAY BAR.