Zde (pronounced zed) is a singer/songwriter/producer hailing from Sydney, Australia, specializing in R&B, Soul and Hip Hop music.

Growing up immersed in Jazz, Rock, Soul, Funk, R&B influences and descending from an established musical family, Zde was inspired to create music at a very young age and was writing lyrics by the age of six. Intense listening occupied his childhood, and it wasn’t long before he was imitating melodies on the keyboard and programming patterns on a Roland TR-505 drum machine. By the age of 15, Zde had harnessed all of these elements and influences, and started producing music on the family computer.

Over the years, Zde has produced and remixed for many local and international artists, with beats known for their intricate layers, polished mixing, soulful vibes and 90’s reminiscence. One of his major accomplishments include production for the album “Trust”, released in 2013 by Alabama Soul artist, Drea. Zde reached out to Drea via the internet, initially offering to remix a song from her debut album. Impressed with his talents, Drea quickly appointed Zde as an Executive Producer, albeit the distance between them, they collaborated closely on songs by exchanging files via email. “Trust” received rave reviews – “This is what true music sounds like and you are getting a heavy dose of it” – Austin Jeter Urban Magazine.

Most recently, Zde released an EP as a producer titled “Shake the World”, which features collaborations with local and international artists. Scratchtheblock.com, a website who describe themselves as “ambassadors of quality music”, reviewed the EP as “A charming kaleidoscope of genres, an intimate sound-trip, an eclectic project…”

soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/zdemusic
bandcamp: www.zdemusic.bandcamp.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/zdemusic
twitter: www.twitter.com/thezde