Yum Yum just happened…

The increcibly talented duo of Jayo and Natalie Slade have been on the scene for sometime as solo artists, but only recently crossed paths. Immediately after their chance meeting, the magic has been radiating off everything they touch. After hearing their unfinished tracks, without ever seeing them perform live, we snapped them up without thinking twice. and are excited to see where the path leads.

In May 2014, a friend of a friend passed on a USB of Jayo’s beats to Slade, who a week later wrote to one of the tracks and gave Jayo a call. The two started jamming and named them selves after a mumbled conversation they had… and within 3 months they’re dropping their first EP titled “Slade meets Jayo”.

Pre-Yum Yum, Jayo and Slade have been on the scene for sometime. Slade’s background is in jazz music, having sung trad jazz every night for years in her own little bar in Christchurch, NZ. On loosing the bar in the CHCH earthquakes she started writing and improvising and was lucky enough to perform support for artists like @peace, The Black Seeds and Sola Rosa. Jayo is a crate digger from way back, being fed a steady diet of soul, funk, hip hop and Jamaican riddims. As a DJ/beat maker he’s supported some of the finest like Oddisee, Katalyst, Hermitude, House Shoes & Blu.

The Yum Yum EP is raw and is inspired by soul music, hip hop, delta blues and dub. It goes live this August at: www.itsyumyum.bandcamp.com