Tom Showtime (Melb) </br>[FRIDAY – 23.05.2014]

Tom Showtime (Melb)
[FRIDAY – 23.05.2014]

Tom Showtime is a man of many guises. DJ. Producer. Remixer. Saxophonist. Gramophone Enthusiast. From Be-Bop to Breakbeat and everything in between, Tom’s passion for music is paralleled only by his legendary (some would say mythical) enjoyment of watermelon, coffee and cricket. That’s just how he rolls…


With a style more eclectic than the selection of records at your local thrift shop, he has often been likened to the genre-bending Mr Scruff, an artist whose records Tom has coveted from the beginning. Through his early days playing in jazz bands, to digging for records across the globe and spinning tunes from London to Melbourne, his sound in the studio is as diverse as the music that inspires it.

Beats are Tom’s passion, as a genre and as the driving force behind his music. Influenced by the likes of Bonobo, Quantic & Nightmares On Wax, the result can be heard on the head-nodding trip hop odyssey ‘The Showtime EP’ in 2008, ‘EP3013’ in 2011 and his acclaimed debut LP ‘The Jam Thief’ in 2012. With his sofa rocking sounds perfected, it was now time for his productions to conquer the clubs.

Releasing a bootleg series called ‘Your World Against Mine’ and three volumes of ‘Mashiona Tasty Mash-Ups’ saw Tom attract attention from both local and international booking agents and record labels, leading to official remixes for artists like The Pharcyde and The Ragga Twins, a massive east coast trip headlining the legendary Regrooved parties, a national tour with N’Fa Jones (1200 Techniques) and holding down multiple highly regarded DJ residencies.

Supporting international acts such as Krafty Kuts, A.Skillz, Scratch Perverts, The Nextmen, Stickybuds, All Good Funk Alliance, Bonobo and Mark Rae, Tom got a taste for rocking bigger dance floors and in turn producing bigger tunes. This more dancefloor focused direction saw him signed to the legendary Ghetto Funk label and gain official recognition on the world stage with releases on Breakbeat Paradise, Tru-Funk, Riddim Fruit/Booty Fruit and Bombastic Jam.

While all this was happening, Tom also returned to his roots forming The Showtime Trio with Zvi ‘Zedsix’ Belling on bass, Conrad ‘Defcon’ Tracey on drums, and regular guest MCs such as N’fa Jones, Lotek and D’fron for live performances. Playing Hip Hop classics on a jazzy tip and Jazz classics with Hip Hop flavours along with Tom’s own original compositions, a new style coined “Boom Bap Jazz” was created that excites each crowd that witnesses it.

Add to all this a #1 release on Juno Download Best Selling Chart for his collaboration EP with DJ Maars, European and North American tours in the pipeline, a forthcoming 12” vinyl only release, the final touches being put on the brand new LIVE AV show for international audiences and his own residency/brand ‘Easy Now’ gaining huge popularity, Tom’s show is definitely on the road…

“Roll up, roll up, roll up, it’s Showtime!”



The Showtime EP (2008)
EP3013 (2011 Serpent54)
Funk Pants feat The Psyde Projects (2012 Groove Penguin)
Spaces & Places feat Gift of Gab, Lotek & Ash.One (2012 Serpent54)
+ Spaces & Places ‘Melbourne’s Finest Remixes’ (2012 Serpent54)
The Jam Thief LP (2012 Obese Records)
The World Keeps Yearning – Dusty Milkcrates Vol 2 (2012 CDMK)
Re-Dizzled (Remix) – The Psyde Projects (2012 Groove Penguin)
The Chippa Irie EP – DJ Maars vs Tom Showtime (2013 Booty Fruit)
Ghetto Funk Presents… Tom Showtime (2013 Ghetto Funk)
Where The Best Herbs Grow – Cloud Watching Vol 3 (2013 Riddim Fruit)
The Bling Tubby EP – DJ Maars vs Tom Showtime (2014 Booty Fruit)
Hold That Gyal (Remix) – Youthful Implants feat The Ragga Twins (Ghetto Funk)
My Life (Remix) – Mr Bristow feat Benny Silver (2014 Breakbeat Paradise)
Jazz Biscuits EP (2014 Tru-Funk Records)
Ride It Out (Remix) – DJ Roast Beatz feat Crystal Carter (2014 Breakbeat Paradise)
Mind Your Solitude EP (2014 The Brotherhood Of Beats)
Bang Like This (Remix) – Ben & Lex Feat The Pharcyde (2014 Ghetto Funk)
The Butter Zone EP – 12” Vinyl (2014 Breakbeat Paradise)
Funk Pants – The 2014 Re-Thread (2014 Bombastic Jam)




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