Every so often, perhaps only once in an era, you’ll hear a certain type of song: one so startlingly original and good, it stuns you into silence, and you’re suddenly aware that you are bearing witness to a turning point in Music History. It can dawn on you gradually over a few minutes, as a soft tingle that starts from your gut, your toes, or the base of your spine; it can hit you in the face like the shock of jumping into the Hudson River in December. However you know, what’s for sure is that you *know*. What else can combine the giddiness of true love at first sight with the gravitas and adrenaline of the first shots of a revolution? What else, other than this epoch-changing, zeitgeist-defining music!

We are, of course, talking about “Met Before”, by Chairlift. It has a great film clip too, incidentally.

Meanwhile, our band is sitting around drinking beer in Randwick, trying to figure out which amp is making that high-pitched feedback sound*, and humbly hoping that by the end of the afternoon, we’ll have a track that might put girls in the mood to dance. Dudes are welcome to dance to our music too, we suppose; it’s a free country.

* Turns out it was coming from two amps and the garage door motor; also, we have tinnitus.

Listen here: