SUGARZ is a unique revolving-door collaborative project spearheaded by Sydney based multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Kimberly Aviso. Known around the live music scene with her guitar, looper, eclectic musical palette, and clever improvisational skills for creating a song on the spot with a live audience, Kimberly Aviso’s exhilarating metamorphose into Sugarz comes as no surprise.

Sugarz first collaborative adventure is her 4 track debut EP ‘Natural High’ produced by the sophisticated ingenuity of Melbourne based boogie producer BENNY BADGE, whose own production skills under the moniker FREEKWENCY (Gulf Point Records) has received international praise from respected music heads in the UK and Australia.

Together, they’ve created music for a discerning audience that can arguably be labelled as ‘indietronica’, invested in the kaleidoscopic throw back sound of 80’s boogie. In an era where the Roland TK 808 drum machine, heavy synths, drum rolls, a bouncing bassline and hi-claps were as important as the lead vocalist, Sugarz debut EP ‘Natural High’ captures that nostalgic feeling.

Sugarz is not your average collaboration project. She is quirky, unique, engaged in how sound works and is sure to make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger. ‘Natural High’ delivers the pure joy of making music – music that we can all devour no matter what your musical taste.

Sugarz debut EP ‘ Natural High’ will be released in July through UK label Gulf Point

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