The duo powerhouse hailing from Sydney, SPIRALS is quickly creating a Glitch Ambiance cult.

Over the last 2 years the two have produced a slow stream of Soundcloud releases, yet each song uses an infinitum of intricately woven, delay driven elements that leave you swaying for more. Delicate but deliberate, each instrument works together to paint hypnotic, sweeping murals behind your eyes. Its this vivid sense of movement and imagery that has allowed them to be named amongst Sydney’s most promising upcoming acts and has seen them support some large international electronic artists that bring the same spirit of versatility to the genre.

SPIRALS are now poised to release their first official offering; a self titled EP of 4 aural Gem’s on the 8th of April and to celebrate, the duo are bringing their live show and a few of their friends to Play Bar.

Keep an eye out for this promising release and join us on the 16th of April for some of the finest electronic music Sydney has to offer!

soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/spiralssydney
facebook: www.facebook.com/spiralssydney