OZI BATLA (The Herd)

OZI BATLA (The Herd)

I’m O.B. Batla. Battlerfinga. Swandon. Batts. The Herd and Astronomy Class both have to put up with me.

I wrote/co-wrote tunes such as, including “77%”, “Put It On Wax”, “Starship Troopers”, “A Bright Tomorrow”, “Only 19″ and the early Oz hip hop breakthrough/down “Scallops”.

In 1996, I met DJ ALF. We played at the Cricketer’s Arms. I met Rok Poshtya, Unkle Ho and Toe Fu (The Herd) at uni around the same time.

Traksewt got us all together on the first Elefant Traks release in 1998, and in 2001 The Herd evolved out of the fledgling label.

In 2002 I battled, winning the Verbal Mechanics NSW final, NSW Stealth Battle. Got to semis of Revolver, and invited to first Battle for Supremacy.

Five Herd albums, a solo record and a third Astronomy Class project in the works.

I never stopped / Lovin’ hip hop.

facebook: www.facebook.com/ozibatla
website: www.elefanttraks.com