Raine Supreme and Spook are Sydney based AVDJ Duo NTSC.

NTSC might be the newest act on the AVDJ scene, but, separately, the duo has been at it for years! VJ Spook has cut his teeth with best of the Australian underground, providing innovative visual stimuli for audiences at clubs, events, tours and festivals all over Australia. Raine Supreme on the other hand has spent years performing intricate DJ and AV sets of undeniable creativity at club nights & warehouse parties around the country.

Together, NTSC dig deep through the audio and video archives to take you on a trip of long forgotten bass, breaks, beats and videotapes.

Using a combination of turntables, samplers and salvaged video niceties, these AV fanatics are able to control video by using vinyl records. They bring scratching and mixing of both sounds and pictures into the mix with custom re-edits and special FX, for stunning live results. Rare and forgotten clips of the past, remixes and an eclectic collection of music videos are all seamlessly thrown together with inspired video mash ups, animations and a wealth of other visual delights. It’s a video show unlike any other!

NTSC’s individual commitments to live spontaneity & continual experimentation has seen them build styles comparable to none, while earning them commendations from many of the global music industry’s elite. Over their combined careers, they have provided visuals for international superstars including Public Enemy, Ice T, Kool Keith, Afrika Bambaataa, Gza, Lyrics Born, Dead Prez, Pharaohe Monch, DJ Q-Bert and plenty more. They have also worked alongside local artists such as Bliss N Eso, Snob Scrilla, Def Wish Cast, Will Styles, Dizz1, Tom Piper and Bass Kleph and have performed at festivals including Big Day Out, Sydney Festival, Homebake, Parklife, Good Vibrations and Field Day.

Now it’s time for the talented videophiles to start a journey of their own. Get ready for the birth of NTSC!!!