About a year ago, a dude called Maxwell Bidstrup created a Facebook page under the alias MXXWLL.

He posted a video the same day entitled “Friday Funk #1”, his first attempt at live sequencing. Last week, after 7 more Friday Funks and accolades from M-Phazes, he released his first debut single, 4U, and it’s such a fucking tune that I insisted he answered some of my questions so we could all find out a little more about who on earth he is, where on earth he came from and when on earth we’re getting more. I’m in bold, he’s in the quotation marks.

The thing I keep seeing people comment on your music – where the hell did you come from?!
“I guess you could say I’ve been in hiding haha. I grew up in a musical family, dabbling with musical instruments I would encounter along the way. Up until I was about 8 when my dad got me 2 CDs for christmas… Fatboy Slim’s “You’ve come along way, baby” and Daft Punk’s “Homework”… from that moment I was hooked on electronic music, and trying to re-create those sounds. Fast forward about 10 years, and I began to discover the songs that were sampled to make those 2 records, which ignited my love for 70’s-80’s funk/soul/disco records… I experienced that same feeling I got 10 years earlier and it was magic!”

Who were your influences for the music you’re putting out as MXXWLL?
“Kaytranada & Pomo are two recent artists that have really inspired the sounds i’m pushing for this MXXWLL project. I’m all about the D’angelo / J-Dilla type swing on the drums… lush chord progressions… cheeky vocal samples etc.”

What’s next? You’ve mentioned an EP in the works on your Facebook page.
“I’ve been working on the EP for the last couple of months, working towards having a mid-year release… but there’s plenty of exciting stuff that will be happening in the meantime.”

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