Mr Bingo / Down Under </br>[TUESDAY – 25.10.2016]

Mr Bingo / Down Under
[TUESDAY – 25.10.2016]


It’s little surprise that, as someone who once described himself as having the “same haircut as his Mum”, “girly arms” and a “slightly smaller than average head”, Mr Bingo’s illustrations are oddly humorous.

Described as ‘the Master of pens’, ‘the Justin Bieber of drawing’, ‘he f***s about for living’, Mr Bingo would likely agree: “my whole career is actually based on bad behavior”, he raps.

Mr Bingo has become well known for his ‘Hate Mail’ project: the mailing of offensive postcards to strangers. At their request. What started out as a ‘drunk idea’ went on to be exhibited in galleries and gained notoriety across the global press.

In 2015, he launched a rap video led Kickstarter which went on to become the most successful UK crowdfunded publishing project ever.

Now, a (self proclaimed) ‘Artist’ who recently decided to ditch all clients in favour of working on personal projects, Mr Bingo has enjoyed a remarkable rise to fame as a freelance illustrator; with an impressive A-list of clients including The New Yorker, Oxfam, Microsoft, Nike, the BBC, Volkswagen, The Tate Gallery, The Mighty Boosh, The Guardian amongst many.

Is Sydney ready for Mr Bingo? We’d better be. He’s coming to talk to us. Don’t miss this.

Tuesday 25 October
72 Campbell Street
Surry Hills

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