ZULU ID: 70202
When we bend ourselves to material desires – a new car, a new home, for instance – we increase their intensity and their number. Our wishes increase and we become less and less satisfied, and more and more incapable of satisfying them

Born John Khilla in Sydney 1979, MK-1 aka Mista Killa began DJing at the age of 15 with the aid of mentor and friend, New York’s legendary DJ Steve Dee (founder of the X-men and inventor of the funk a.k.a beat juggling).

By the age of 18 MK-1 had developed his own distinct style of DJing, shunning the many cultural clichés of the Hip-Hop scene.

With sets geared more towards a showcase celebrating music past to present, Mista Killa is certainly a rare breed of current DJ’s who prides himself in rocking good music – PERIOD. Never limiting himself by a genre, Mista Killa, born John Khilla, is a Sydney native who has developed his own unique style and technique which has set him aside from the stereotypical DJ found at most clubs around the globe. From rocking plenty of the world’s most famous venues, to being one of the exclusive DJ’s for the 2000 Olympics, to releasing a myriad of mind-blowing mixtapes and singles with the music industry’s finest, and even rocking international radio stations on a regular basis.

Over the years, MK-1 has been both a resident and guest DJ at many Sydney night spots such as Iguana Bar, Lotel, GAS, Castles, Good Bar, Melt and Black Birds Cafe in addition to numerous after parties for illustrious artists ranging from the Sugarhill Gang to Duran Duran.

MK-1 along with world renowned graffiti artist ‘Spice’ head the Sydney chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation (Hip Hop’s oldest and most respected family).