Sydney’s Luke Koteras has carved his acoustic infused sound from years of touring and writing music for a bunch of Australian and international musicians. He captivates audiences with a unique blend of styles and influences as seen on the Voice Australia in 2014. 

Luke performs in an electro-acoustic style that encapsulates elements of acoustic, funk, dance, Rhythm & Blues with a slight jazz twist. His influences are also widespread; from Calvin Harris to Tommy Emmanuel – but one would describe his most recent tastes as a cross over between John Mayer and Ed Sheeran.

He has a great passion for writing & producing music. He has performed with various artists including: Renee Geyer, Joel Madden, David Ryan Harris, Ron e Jones, Michael Douchesne, Chris Sebastian, Lionel Cole, Diesel, John Stevens, Angry Anderson etc. Luke shares a soulful musical intuition when he performs on stage, allowing for a large scope of improvisation and unique musical contributions to his wide ranging repertoire.

 It came down to hard work and dedication that allowed him to tour the UK, Thailand, China and more recently an incredibly successful 3 month tour of North America.

Luke now has a range of albums available through iTunes and a range of clips available through U-tube.
 He is bringing a fresh Rhythm & Blues based approach to acoustic, soul/pop music fuelled by good times and a burning desire to succeed.