Josue Vilches, (pronouned hose-way), is an up and coming guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and all-round musician.

Growing up with music playing siblings, Josue developed a love for music at a young age and soon learnt how to play the guitar. He soon developed an ear for music and since leaving high school to pursue a career in music, has not looked back. He has since shared the stage with some of Sydney’s high ranking musical entertainers including Mike Champion, Doug Williams and Keyboardists Sam McNally.

At only age 22, Josue Vilches Is currently in the works of recording his self titled EP showcasing himself and a singer, songwriter and producer. With a flaming style, Josue brings life into live music with entertaining musical arrangements, soul fire musicians, and plenty of dance moves!

He is also currently playing all around Sydney as a guitarist and singer with groups such as Mike Champion and The Cool, Kylie Fisher and The Deep, his own group The Funkafonics, and joined the Godfather of soul in Sydney Doug Williams for his Earth Wind and Fire show March 2013. He has developed the skills to play all types of music such as soul, jazz, funk, RnB, and pop and is currently studying a Bachelor of Music Performance at the Australian Institute of Music.

If you have a chance to see Josue Vilches don’t pass it up. You will witness true music being expressed from this young musician!

“Josue Vilches is a very proficient and enthusiastic guitarist and musician who I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. I think he’ll be around a long time!” – Sam McNally, keyboardist/producer.