Joe New is veteran of the Oz Hip Hop scene, he started rhyming as a teenager in the late 90’s and has continued to push the boundaries of hard hitting, complex lyricism.

Starting out with good friend and collaborator Dialectrix, Joe New was a core member of the influential group Down Under Beats Crew. The group went on to release two albums (2004, 2007), received high rotation on Triple J and toured extensively.

TwoToes was Joe New’s next project that saw him take on the solo emcee duties and working with Blue Mountains producer Caustic and DJ Morgs (Thundamentals). They released ‘Cooking with Caustic’ in 2008.

Along with former D.U.B crew band mate Dialectrix and Obese Records C.E.O Pegz, Joe New formed a new group called ‘Gully Platoon’ who released ‘The Great Divide’ in 2009. Whilst this group may have been short lived, its music was widely acclaimed and the singles ‘Nothing to Lose’ and ‘Coat of Paint’ received national airplay on Triple J.

In recent years Joe New has focused on his solo work, performing regularly and writing new material. He has also begun performing with Two Toes again.