Innersoul Live XMAS</br>Producer & Songwriter series **LIVE**</br>[TUESDAY – 23.12.2014]

Innersoul Live XMAS
Producer & Songwriter series **LIVE**
[TUESDAY – 23.12.2014]

Welcome to the Xmas edition Innersoul Live, titled Producers & song-writers…

In this series we will be taking an in-depth look at the extremely tallented local producers and artists who are writing today’s music…




With powerhouse vocals once described as ‘one of the best voices ever heard’ by music mogul and Grammywinning producer/rapper Dr Dre, accompanied with impeccable stage presence, Jeremy Gregory is a born entertainer with the ability to captivate audiences from the first note on.

Born in Durban, South Africa, Jeremy’s introduction to the diverse world of contemporary music didn’t begin until his early teens. With nothing but heavy gospel influence in his house, he started listening to bands like Boys II Men and Jodeci, and realised that pop music could also be really passionate and that opened a lot of doors.

He soon discovered Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Sly & the Family Stone and many other great soul, urban blues, R&B and pop artists dating all the way back to the 50′s.

In 2004, Jeremy signed a record deal with Warner Bros Records and produced a self-composed hit, That’s What’s Going Down – and earned its footing on the Australian Top 40′s singles charts for three full weeks.

That song went on to make more waves in the industry, which eventually led to APRA & ARIA awards’ nominations in 2003 and 2004 respectively. APRA and ARIA are both prestigious determinants in Australia’s music accreditation and artiste recognition.

Jeremy has worked with many prolific R&B/Hip-Hop artistes the likes of Macy Gray, Babyface, and British Pop Idol Will Young, all but to name a few. Not a force to be reckoned with, he has been globetrotting, from United States to Australia to Indonesia to Singapore. Don’t hold your breath, for he is not stopping anytime soon.


Entered the world of Hip-Hop via doing a little a bit of Breakin, It wasn’t until Dizar saw a segment on television that featured turntablism one morning that really inspired him to get a pair of decks.

“It amazed me, moving the record back and forth to create sounds”

In May 2001, Dizar bought decks and started to rock parties. To further the arts on turntablism, He learnt off videos then learnt from the best at the United DJ’s mixing school. Shortly after, joined the Nstrg8trz DJ Crew which enabled more jamming sessions for Dizar.

Entering Dj Battles and Competitions, has done well in gaining 3rd place in 2004 DMC DJ Championships NSW Australia and 4th place 2005 ITF DJ Championships “Advancement Class” North Coast Region Australia.

In November 2006, relocated to London UK. Soon after, met Ironfingaz and a crew was born named Invincible Armour. In the summer of 2009 fellow turntablists Downlow, Jda Kut and beatboxer Wireless joined up which made IA officially established.

Continuing to rock the 1′s and 2′s at many venues and performing special turntablist showcases at various hip-hop jams you can also catch Dizar on with Hell Money Program or on the livestream from time to time.

In the summer of 2011 linked up with the 5 piece Ska/Reggae/Hip-hop Band “Left Step Band” as a turntablist jumping on the festival circuit playing in various festivals in the UK. LSB continues to do shows in London and all around the country and beyond.

Alongside Invincible Armour, IA represented the UK battling in the 2011 World DMC DJ Team Championships. Respectively placing 5th in the Worlds.

Dizar mixes quality Hip-hop/Soul/Funk/Disco/Reggae/Dub or whatever is groovy is sprinkled in the mix whether it be Rock, Electro, Leftfield beats, Latin or whatevers funky!

Continues to rock venues with finesse turntablist skills and quality selections, Crafting beats, and honing skills in audio engineering. There will be a lot more to come so stay tuned!




Write up Courtesy of Paua.

20 years ago, 4 young kiwi friends (3 of Samoan heritage and 1 Maori) who were living together in Sydney, Australia, formed a musical group they called Kulcha. Within a year they’d signed a recording contract with Warner Music and exploded onto the Australian music industry and charts.

Now, at that time in Australia it was pretty rare to hear any artists with Polynesian backgrounds on the radio and even rarer to see them on television…and to sign a multi-album record deal with one of the major companies was unheard of!
So when this group (influenced by American r&b stars of the time like Jodeci,Guy, Teddy Riley, Intro, R.Kelly etc) instantly started making serious commercial noise, people noticed.

For us 4 young guys (aged 17-24), the next 4 years was a massive whirlwind. Constant touring throughout Australia and NZ, hundreds of shows, co-writing and co-producing 2 top 20 album releases & 8 top 40 singles, major tours through Asia & Japan….being asked personally by Janet Jackson to support her on the 3 month European leg of her world tour (which we didn’t do, but that’s a whole story within itself…we would’ve played WEMBLEY maaan!! lol)

…probably the highlight as musicians, was winning 2 categories at the 1994 Australian Music Awards for best new artist and best Australian single. (Kulcha also opened the live television broadcast performing the song ‘Don’t Be Shy’)
….and yup there were some awesome parties lol…but anyway,you get the drift, it was a mega few years…

The reason i’m sharing this is because through it all, the ups and downs, the good and bad…and even until now, 20 years on, even though we haven’t worked together musically for many years…the 4 of us have always and will always remain friends and brothers.
It’s a verrrry different industry to the one that we broke into as young fullas and no doubt it was a mix of talent, perfect timing and then, record company power that helped us get to the heights we did…but beyond and through all that we had the drive, passion and togetherness that i still carry through with my music to this day!

So to my brothers Joe, Richie and Eric…

20 years man…DAYYYUMMM!! haha

Love ya’ll for life!!



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