Innersoul Live #12 </br>**LIVE SOUL MUSIC** </br>[TUESDAY – 15.07.2014]

Innersoul Live #12
[TUESDAY – 15.07.2014]


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InnerSoul Entertainment & Play Bar present Innersoul LIVE.

Innersoul LIVE is a showcase of music artists in Sydney. Held fortnightly, Innersoul LIVE provides a platform for the next generation of artists in the Australian soul movement to have their music heard. Set in the inner city creative hub of Surry Hills, Innersoul Live at PLAY BAR sees carefully selected artists present an acoustic set of their original music in an intimate setting.

With the Australian soul movement out in full force, thanks to the international success of artists like the GRAMMY nominated Hiatus Kaiyote, Innersoul LIVE is here to keep that momentum going locally and beyond. Defying genre boundaries and stereotypes to cover everything from nu-soul, raw and real hip hop and reggae to soulful Rhythm & Blues, Innersoul LIVE is your mid-week dose of soul that will have you transfixed by the talent on display.

Artists that have previously showcased at Innersoul LIVE include ARIA nominated singer/songwriter Jeremy Gregory, Billie McCarthy, Ron E Jones, Tabitha Ojeah, Michael Duchesne (The Voice) and Chantae Cann (featured vocalist with GRAMMY winning Snarky Puppy and GRAMMY nominated The Foreign Exchange), Thandiwe Phoenix and more.

Come down, kick back, and let yourself be moved by the musicality of our local artists at Innersoul LIVE.




Sarsha Simone’s name may be unfamiliar, but there’s a warmth in her voice that feels like home. It could be the similarity to soul singers from the past; the echoes of the late, great Etta James, or perhaps the recently departed Amy Winehouse. Or, it could be more familiar than that, which isn’t surprising given that Sarsha Simone used to perform under the moniker ‘Roxie Ray’ with the Australian funk and soul revival outfit Dojo Cuts, and has appeared as a guest vocalist on soul and hip hop tracks with artists from the far reaching corners of the world.

Sarsha Simone blends vintage soul sound with a hip hop sensibility. Recent collaborations on tracks with established international artists such as MC’s Ty and Rashaan Ahmad as well as respected French producer DJ Moar, along with an EP, Gold, produced by Sydney based Twitch simply hint at what’s to come from this modern day chanteuse.

It’s through the gift of motherhood that she has been able to her tap into her creativity with zest. Equipped with gutsy lyrical content that will shed light on exactly who the enigmatic woman is behind the ballsy voice, Sarsha Simone is more than ready to deliver.

Using the elements of music and fashion as a means of self expression, Sarsha has produced something fresh and new. From Vaughn to Wonder Sarsha is touched by many vintage classics drawing from tradition and ignoring trend. With the raspy tones of soul and the attitude of hip hop, Sarsha’s sound will touch audiences far and wide.
When asked what i s important to Sarsha she simply replies “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

Look out for an upcoming interview to be launched at the end of April featured on renowned New Zealand based BLACK MAGAZINE by internationally respected fashion photographer THOM KERR who recently shot Kimbra and Janelle Monae for their imminent Australian Tour.

Sarsha Simone headlines GENERATION NU SOUL with a special acoustic performance of her EP ‘GOLD’ produced by DJ Twitch.


“Although she is a newcomer, she has the type of voice that sounds as if it’s been here before.” – Lady J, SoulBounce.

“Ray never brings anything less than pure soul vocals in a song, and she makes sure to let you know why she’s the featured vocalist.” – Soultracks.

“Roxie Ray could sing the phone book and I would buy it” – Craig Charles of UK BBC6’s Funk & Soul Show.

“She has that perfect balance of soul and control and her voice is as highly individual as our own Kylie Auldist and Lanie Lane.” – John Hardaker, The Orange Press.

“It’s raspy in part, but it’s smooth as well — almost like Winehouse’s raw voice on her debut Frank.” – Alan Weedon, Who The Hell.


Sarsha Simone Website:




Known locally in Wollongong as the acoustic soul duo, singer/songwriters Mitch and Mike are a unique pair of talented artists with a distinctive playing style incorporating pop, acoustic, soul and jazz. The pair are regularly seen playing at Howlin’ Wolf Bar Wollongong for “Thursday Jam Night”, where blues, jazz, roots and cover pop tunes are typically entertaining the masses. Though brought up in Mudgee, central NSW the twins moved to Wollongong to be closer to the Australian Institute of Music where they both completed their Bachelor degrees in Music.

Mitch & Mike Gordon have performed previously with some of Australia’s well known recording artists such as Ian Moss, Lior, Kate Miller‐Heidke, Christine Anu, Grace Knight and Paulini.

The humble musicians, Mitch and Mike Gordon remarkable harmonious voices and compositional skills have enchanted Wollongong and Sydney audiences for the past few years, and continue to play live within these regions and beyond.

“I’ve heard what these guys do and I am a big fan.” – Glenn Haworth, Illawarra Mercury (2014).

“We love having them play every Thursday with the Oxford Groove Trio, awesome vibe!” – Tim Day, Manager at Howlin’ Wolf Bar Wollongong



Date: Tuesday 15th July 2014
Time: 6pm Doors Open
Where: PLAY BAR, 72 Campbell Street, Surry Hills NSW



*House beer & wine.