INNERSOUL Entertainment and PLAY BAR wishes to invite you down to celebrate the ending of an incredible year and to give thanks to all of our industry friends, colleagues and associates, of whom all we have been so lucky to share countless memories and ventures with.

In toast and to appreciation of all that has happened, we would like you to come down and enjoy an evening of soulful music, with mixes presented to you by some of Sydney’s best Old school, Funk, Soul, Rhythm & Blues (R&B) and Hip Hop DJ’s.

Our aim for the eve of Xmas is to provide you with a “Taste Test” of what’s to come in the New Year.

What is INNERSOUL LIVE @ PLAY BAR going to be all about?

Innersoul Live is an exclusively secured event space for people in the Entertainment Industry to come in, enjoy, relax, and most of all appreciate good music.

Our DJ’s are carefully selected to cater for the strict genres of music we are going to be blasting week after week. Only giving gratitude and thanks to the origins and classics of our times, with everything from Aretha Franklin to Jodeci, Jill Scott to Marvin Gaye and J Dilla to John Legend, without forgetting such classics as Bob Marley to RUN DMC.

Our aim is to take you way back to the sweet sound of soul, incorporating that with the funky sound of reggae and transitioning to the best beats of Rhythm and Blues, at a venue that is engulfed with the atmosphere and culture that urban music today, in Australia, has been aching for.


Unlike our competition in the industry, our unique purpose will not only be to support a newly flourishing culture, but to also play a key role in it’s development and evolution.

We wish to provide the urban music community, here in Sydney, with a venue and event that will provide a platform for all members of this culture to meet, greet and showcase the love they have for the art.

From Live performances on a weekly basis from Sydney’s raw unseen talent, collaboration events, bringing the arts, such as photography & street art (Graffiti) together as well as Web designers, publicists, managers, musicians, producers and all industry heads, bringing forth our own family of dynamic individuals into the one space simply for the unconditional love we all have for our Roots and what we see is possible for our future.

So come down and lets celebrate for the past, for the present and for all that’s to come in our future’s.



PLAY BAR, Basement, 72 Campbell Street Surry Hills.
(250m from Commonwealth Bank at Central, towards Oxford Street)


24th December 2013

Doors open:

6pm till Midnight




DJ KC – (3 X Aust DMC DJ Champ)

As a kid growing up in suburban Sydney, KC found a passion for Funk and Hip Hop at an early age. He loved the whole culture and was embedded in all elements but when he heard “Adventures on the wheels” by Grandmaster Flash in the early 80’s, he was immediately hooked as for the first time he heard how songs could be dramatically manipulated by a DJ. He could not afford turntables at the time so he experimented with dual tape decks which he later used to make mixed music for the choreography and rehearsals of his break dance crew “Electro Breakers”. The crew used the mixes for the shows and regular gigs at shopping centers across Sydney, suburban clubs, and even at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. This was his first taste of performing in front of thousands of people at a young age of 16 and after the huge injection of adrenaline he knew that performance and music was going to be his lifetime passion.

At the age of 17 he was given a mixer as a birthday present, but he had no decks so he took apart the home stereo and to make a DJ coffin. From that point on he was obsessed, constantly making mix tapes for all his friends at school, doing private parties, functions and started to make a name for himself.

KC was determined to excel in this new found art of DJing but he found that he could only go so far teaching himself through experimentation as DJs were scarce at the time. However when he stumbled on a worldwide DJ community called DMC which branched in Australia 1988, it opened up doors for him to progress in this art. He was now able to learn from videos of DJ champions worldwide performing the scratches, fast mixing and tricks that could only be heard on imported audio tapes in Australia at the time. Through this inspiration he trained day and night non-stop for a year and in 1989 he entered a local DJ battle in Sydney’s west where to his surprise won first place.

He was now more confident and decided to enter the dmc national finals in 1990 where he came second in the state. He persisted and in 1992 he won the Australian Championships by perfecting the new found beat juggling technique and utilizing 4 turntables. KC kept winning all competitions and DJ Battles up until 1996 when he teamed up with DJ A$K (1990 Australian DMC Champ) and Skizo (Italy’s renown hip hop dj). He ended up representing Australia 3 times with a 5th placing in the world in 1993 when he performed with 4 turntables at the “Ministry of Sound” U.K and went up against the likes of Q Bert, Mix Master Mike, Crazy B, Noise, and Rectangle. That same year KC was also awarded “Best Creativity in Mixing” at Australia’s first R&B Awards hosted by Mike Scott of “Ten Wedge”.

KC retired from battles in 1996 but kept on rocking all major clubs and parties across Australia with mind blowing club sets that always left the crowd in awe. Being a lover of all music and genres he was able to play all styles from underground hip hop jams to club house and major raves. However KC never lost his grass roots and kept a funky soul flavor to all the different genres that he played. KC was also well known for his 4 deck demos during this period and in 1995 he was approached by a rep from DENON to launch their new mixer. He did not know it at the time but he became the 1st Australian DJ to be officially sponsored by a corporation DENON (1995), Technics (1996), Intimidation (1997) and Vestax in (1999). DJ KC was also the first DJ to showcase the art at corporate tradeshows like ENTECH EXPO in 1997 and found himself in demand from all major companies that wanted to push their products.

He did many national tours for these companies and promoted their products in various clubs in each state. He was featured with a tutorial CD Insert in the cover of Australia’s highly acclaimed magazine for music technology, “Next Music”. He also started his own weekly column called “Hot Stuff” in the popular street press “3d world” as editor and reviewer of latest DJ equipment. He contributed his work to other urban street mags “On the Street Magazine” and “Request Mag”. In radio he did a weekly show “Turntablistics” to dedicate pioneering DJs that put scratching on wax with DJ Mark Walton on “Radio Dex”. On TV he has appeared and showcased on BBC UK’s “Club Choice”, Channel V, Arena, “Australia Uncovered” (Sky U.K), and Ground Zero (SBS).

KC has played alongside pioneers like Jam Master Jay (Run DMC), Kool Herc (Founder of Hip Hop), Ca$h Money, 3 X World Champ DJ Craze and A Track to name a few. As a party rocker that could play to any crowd, KC is in high demand in all genres of music in diverse clubs and festivals across Australia which has kept him extremely busy throughout the 20 years of his DJ Career. He now focuses on teaching the art of DJing to upcoming DJs and appears as special guest at parties across Australia and Melbourne where he now resides.



Entered the world of Hip-Hop via doing a little a bit of Breakin, It wasn’t until Dizar saw a segment on television that featured turntablism one morning that really inspired him to get a pair of decks.

“It amazed me, moving the record back and forth to create sounds”

In May 2001, Dizar bought decks and started to rock parties. To further the arts on turntablism, He learnt off videos then learnt from the best at the United DJ’s mixing school. Shortly after, joined the Nstrg8trz DJ Crew which enabled more jamming sessions for Dizar.

Entering Dj Battles and Competitions, has done well in gaining 3rd place in 2004 DMC DJ Championships NSW Australia and 4th place 2005 ITF DJ Championships “Advancement Class” North Coast Region Australia.

In November 2006, relocated to London UK. Soon after, met Ironfingaz and a crew was born named Invincible Armour. In the summer of 2009 fellow turntablists Downlow, Jda Kut and beatboxer Wireless joined up which made IA officially established.

Continuing to rock the 1′s and 2′s at many venues and performing special turntablist showcases at various hip-hop jams you can also catch Dizar on with Hell Money Program or on the livestream from time to time.

In the summer of 2011 linked up with the 5 piece Ska/Reggae/Hip-hop Band “Left Step Band” as a turntablist jumping on the festival circuit playing in various festivals in the UK. LSB continues to do shows in London and all around the country and beyond.

Alongside Invincible Armour, IA represented the UK battling in the 2011 World DMC DJ Team Championships. Respectively placing 5th in the Worlds.

Dizar mixes quality Hip-hop/Soul/Funk/Disco/Reggae/Dub or whatever is groovy is sprinkled in the mix whether it be Rock, Electro, Leftfield beats, Latin or whatevers funky!

Continues to rock venues with finesse turntablist skills and quality selections, Crafting beats, and honing skills in audio engineering. There will be a lot more to come so stay tuned!