The drum machine obsessive. Ex bboy turned worldwide rumpshaker. Inkswel holds the torch for those who cannot be pigeon holed.

Australian native, worldwide resident. Residing in a studio somewhere between Adelaide, Amsterdam. Melbourne and London, his sound traverses vibrations. Crafting creations early on for Rush Hour sub label Boogie Bash (founded by dutch don KC THE FUNKAHOLIC). Remixing the likes of Darwins Theory (Lotus Land) , Rondenion (Japan) and Maseratay (Brussels). Increasing the underground energy with his GINSENG ROOT ep on Dopeness Galore, which featured collaborative medicine from Tom Trago & Benny Badge. His most refined and noteable release the recent cult 10″ vinyl on cult UK label FIRECRACKER recordings Unthank series, featuring Chico Mann and Funkineven.

In 2013 he also launched his new label HOT SHOT sounds, the debut featuring a new track with Reggie B and a b side jam from his partner in crime FREEKWENCY. Upcoming movements from Inkswel in 2013 include his AUSTRALABORIALIS ep on FACES & MCDE, a raw collection of unreleased jams created between 2001 and the present, the upcoming MERWYN & Inkswel EP (Virgo Four) with remixes from Linkwood and GB and ep on rising Burek label with remixes by UK pioneer IG Culture, German deep house supremo Iron Curtis and the one and only DJ Nature.

The sound holds no boundary.