Grindin’ & Foreigndub present Rodney P [UK] </br>[SATURDAY – 28.02.2015]

Grindin’ & Foreigndub present Rodney P [UK]
[SATURDAY – 28.02.2015]

Grindin’ PLAY BAR SYDNEY & Foreigndub present the Godfather of British Hip Hop…




Rodney P aka ‘Da Riddim Killa’ and probably more notably, the Godfather of British Hip Hop, was one part of UK rap group, London Posse. They were the first rap group from London to use their natural, native accents in their recorded music, ever. That was 1986. In 2015, ‘Da Riddim Killa’, who has West Indian heritage, is sort after for his energetic live sets and a distinct style which merges the Reggae sound into Hip Hop. In 2013 he hosted a 10 part series for SBTV called ‘Skooled By’, which featured artists like Black Twang and aimed to teach young audiences about the art of rap and emceeing. It focussed on UK Hip Hop history and the importance of knowledge in the art of Hip Hop. P says in his interview with Grindin, “Right now one of my favorite groups is “RU1” who recently released an CD collaboration with Logic of The Peoples Army. They are very political and social minded and have a wicked stage show. Energy like that keeps from our young people keep me positive about the future”. This summer the UK Hip Hop legend will be in Australasia for the festival season, beginning in Perth on the 19th of February, extending to Splore in New Zealand and finishing in Canberra on March 1st.

In the lead up to festival season what do you most look forward to?
I love the whole festival vibe. Cool music in cool locations with cool people. Hopefully the sun is out the beer is cold and the party is a wild one!!!

What are you most pumped by when thinking about the current UK rap scene?
I think the UK scene has a lot of new energy being put into it at the moment. A lot of new artist and producers who are building on the foundation people like me helped create. They’re not just chasing commercial success so that allows them to be creative and that’s exciting to me.

What do you do when you’re not doing music?
I hustle everyday to feed my babies. Thankfully music has opened many avenues for me and I try not to miss an opportunity.

What do you do to chill out?
I’m pretty boring these days and send most of my free time at home with the fam. I may smoke a little weed, drink a little liquor but generally I keep it pretty tame on a day off.

How did you get involved in Skooled By?
Jamal Edwards and me had spoken about ways to enlighten the younger audience on some of the foundation artist. I give credit to Jamal and understand why he and SBTV have been so successful. He really wants to educate as well as entertain his audience and I respect that.

Describe the selection process behind picking those 10 artists….
Lol. Mostly people I could find who were up for it. A lot of people I asked let me down for various reasons and a lot of the old skool guys from my generation just ain’t really active anymore. There are still a few artists we recorded and interviewed that never got shown. I did MC Duke, MCM from Cave Man, Pretty Boy G & Stevie B from City Limits and MC Remedy from the Cookie Crew amongst others.

What do you feel are some important values to hold when calling yourself an emcee?
Lyrics, Personality, Passion. To ‘Move the Crowd’ people need to feel you.

What can festival goers from down under (Aus/NZ) expect from your shows this summer?

Lyrics, Personality, Passion. I intend to ‘Move the Crowd”

In hindsight what, to you, was the best thing London Posse did for UK rap?

I think we set a trend that helped empower UK artists to use their own voices and tell their own stories.

What are some of the main factors that separates UK Rap from the rest of the world?
For me Reggae music has always been a big part of the UK Hip Hop sound. But also that inner city housing estate angst that people like Skinnyman and Chester P bring to the table. The UK is a genuine musical melting pot and I think that is reflected in the sounds you hear from across the board.

Maintaining a career in rap music, for as long as you have, has there ever been concerns about staying relevant as an artists? And if so what were they and how did you overcome them?
I’ve never thought about staying relevant just about being “ME” and making music “I LIKE”. I’m not trying to be mutton dressed up as lamb, I’m a grown man. I have a youthful spirit (Lol) but I’m grown and that should be understood from the music or else I’m lying to you and I try not to tell lies.

I know in the past you’ve recorded programs in Johannesburg about the aftermath of apartheid.. I was wondering if you had personal feelings on the current race issues going on in the news? (Post the Michael Brown shooting and then Eric Garner being strangled and I guess, as well, in rap music and hip hop currently…Maybe content in songs might start to reflect that there’s still real issues that society needs to address, rather than predominantly featuring cars, money etc).
I would like to think so but I’m not convinced it will. There have always been artist who stand up and represent something more then money, women, cars etc but those voices have been getting swallowed up by the nonsense, dumbed down ignorant rap music the gate keepers promote as Hip Hop these days. If radio programmers don’t care, DJ’s are gutless, artist are easily led and the audience don’t demand better I fear we’ll be stuck with more of the same.

Do you have any concerns about the next generation of UK rappers selling out and forgetting to represent real issues in their music? Or do you feel UK artists are focussed on their community?
No not really. I do see a lot of people chasing chart positions but that’s OK I’m a fan of good pop music and there are some amazingly creative pop artists in all forms of music. What I don’t like are liars who claim to represent something but then bend over for a cheque.

In the UK there are many commercial glory chasing ‘urban acts’ but there are also many artists trying to push different agendas. Right now one of my favorite groups is “RU1” who recently released an CD collaboration with Logic of The Peoples Army. They are very political and social minded and have a wicked stage show. Energy like that keeps from our young people keep me positive about the future.

What are you listening to at the moment?
At this very moment I’m listening to D’Angelo’s “Black Messiah” album. Loving the grooves but struggling to work out what the fuck he’s saying.

What’s your definition of Grindin?

Interview by Aleyna Martinez

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Bass-heavy riddim and sounds…

Foreigndub (established 2007) is an independent record label based in Sydney, Australia focusing on niche bass infused genres drawing from the talent we have within the oceanic region.

Foreigndub provides artists from Australia and New Zealand with a network of like minded souls and an opportunity to release quality music under one ‘family’ ideal.

From all things Reggae, Dub, Dubstep, Hip Hop and Drum n Bass, FOREIGNDUB push the boundaries of mainstream culture which in turn creates a very loyal and eclectic group of music lovers. For sounds and more info on the label and our artists please check our website above! Foreigndub also hosts A dedicated Reggae/Dub/Drumnbass Show on 94.5fm FBI radio in Sydney 5pm-7pm every Sunday or stream via the fbi radio link below.

fbi radio:




Raine Supreme has quickly become the go-to DJ for all things Hip Hop, soul and funk. He regularly plays all around Sydney, and has held residencies at the most frequented concert venues, bars & clubs.

His incredibly vast catalogue of music, and innate ability to remember small details about each of the releases, has earned him the title of Mr. Encyclopedia of Music. Already he has shared the stage with some big names including, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Pharoahe Monch, De La Soul, Charlie 2na, Apollo Brown, Def Wish Cast, Dj-JS1 (Rock Steady Crew), Boogie Blind (The X-Ecutioners), Afrika Bambaataa, Dj Suspect, Blak Twang, Dj MK, @peace and many more. As well as being an audio enthusiast, he also extends his love for music into the video realm, both as a solo artist and as apart of his AVDJ duo, NTSC, which sees him team with Sydney visual veteran, VJ Spook. Raine Supreme also throws his promoter hat on, working under the banner of HomeyDontPlayDat, and has been behind some incredible events in Sydney such as the 2013 DMC NSW Finals, Destino @ The Abercrombie, Soul Shaker @ The Newtown Hotel and more!


EDSEVEN (Lioness Presents) //


Armed with a unique ear, deep collection and a skill for combining diverse sounds, Sydney’s edseven has built a solid reputation as a dj over the last decade as well as a producer/remixer and more recently as a promoter.

A collector of many styles, a typical Edseven dj set could include anything from Detroit Hip Hop to Nigerian Funk, Broken beat to Chicago House, Classic Soul to Future Beat and beyond.

This musical range and the technical ability to hold it all together has seen edseven called upon to support international acts including Funkineven, IG Culture, Recloose, Grooveman Spot, Nickodemus, Suff Daddy, Linkwood, Samiyam, EL-P, Dj Food, Frank Booker, Mark de Clive Lowe, Raf Daddy, Peanut Butter Wolf, Pablo Valentino, Mark Pritchard, Jose James, Waajeed, James Pants, Domu, Dj Spooky etc.. Edseven has also held regular local guest spots and residencies across Australia including Soul of Sydney, The Croft Institute (Melb), Space is the Place, Rootdown (Melb), Dust Tones, Future Classic, Tonic Lounge, Playground Weekender, Adelaide Festival, Sugar, Vibes on a Summer Day and Headroom…

Edseven’s production work draws upon the varied influences with releases including the dusty Off Kilter Hip Hop of his first two EPs on Straightup Recordings to his future focused ‘Pigeon Clap’ released via Frequency Lab on their Headroom compilation. Remix work for artists including Cookin’ on 3 Burners, Dj Regal, Onur Engin and Rephrase..

In 2012 with the help of Melbourne stalwart Inkswel, edseven started a series of warehouse parties under the name “Lioness Presents’. The aim of this venture was to showcase top shelf international producers/djs in intimate Sydney warehouse spots. Delivering the initial goal in spades Lioness brought out West London artist Funkineven (Eglo Records), prolific master musician/producer Mark de Clive Lowe (Tru Thoughts), French House/Beats don Pablo Valentino (MCDE/Faces Records), cult label Firecracker’s Linkwood, Steve Spacek (Africa Hitech /WARP) and Recloose (Planet E).. Lioness Presents has gone from strength to strength with good friends Henry Compton and Fred Tectonic joining the crew soon after it’s inception.

Late 2012 also saw edseven start a weekly Hip Hop, Funk, Beats, Soul and Afrobeat night ’73 ’til Infinity’ in his home suburb of Newtown co presented by Sydney institution Soul of Sydney.. this monthly event has evolved to now call Surry Hills’ Play Bar home.




Meem (Michael Moebus) is a respected and prolific music producer, DJ and radio host – whose inimitable style of funk, disco, soul & electro-boogie has kept dancefloors shaking for over 15 years.

In the late 90’s Meem began performing live at underground dance parties in Canberra (illegal forest parties, art galleries and aquariums) and soon catapulted from a shy art-school raver to a highly sought after live electronic act – performing at The Big Day Out, Sydney Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, Triple J Groove Train, Parklife, and Field Day. Meem has supported international heavyweights such as Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, and Jamie Lidell, and he has showcased his live and DJ performances in London, Manchester, San Francisco, L.A., island beach parties in Croatia, and summer festivals throughout Eastern Europe.

As a sought after DJ, Meem has supported international acts including Thievery Corporation, and Tom Findlay (Groove Armada). Bringing a diverse and expansive music collection to each gig, Meem blends a broad range of styles and genres including funk, disco, hip-hop, beats, afro, dancehall, reggae, dub, latin, jazz, gypsy, rhythm & blues, jump blues and boogie.

As a weekly testament to his love of funk music (and all its related styles), Meem also hosts the long-running and much-loved radio program Back to Funk, broadcasting every Monday afternoon on 2SER 107.3FM. Broadcasting since 1980 years, Back To Funk is Australia’s longest running funk music program.

Meem has also achieved design notoriety by releasing almost every release in limited edition, and often handmade, packaging. Destined to become collector’s items, covers have been crafted from wood, cotton, felt and vinyl upholstery. Meem’s CD design has been featured in the UK publication ‘CD – Art: Innovation in CD Packaging Design’ by Charlotte Rivers, alongside cover art for The Pet Shop Boys and design by Andy Warhol. His designs were also included in the Spanish publication ‘Graphic Beats: Independent Record Covers & Packaging Design’ by Miquel Abellon, alongside cover art for Martin Solveig and The Rolling Stones.




Benny Hinn (Daniel Robertson) began spinnin’ vinyl back in 01′ playing a range of phat funky house and some chunky big assed broken beats for the masses… Although now only 34, the Hinns has played at some of the finer establishments, parties and festivals around Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Spain, Wollongong and the South coast, gaining a rep az a bit of a party starter and one with some def skillz, finesse and sheer artistry on a pair of 1200s.

The Hinn has also toured with the MOS Label for an Annual release and has supported many artists such as, The Stanton Warriors, Freq Nasty, Krafty Kuts, A.Skillz, Jay Jay, Sneaky Sound System, The Resin Dogs, Katalyst, Sarah Love, Shortee Blitz, Frenzie, Total Eclipse, Mr. Doris, Cool Hand Luke, Normski, DJ Katch, DJ A.$.K, DJ KC, Edseven, Inkswel, Omegaman, Busta, Koolism, [love] Tattoo, Mark Dynamix, Ajax [RIP], Bang Gang, Goodwill, Alex Taylor, Funktrust, Purple Sneaker DJs + many many more…

Benny has also been dipping into a little production here and there with a few little mashes and beats all up on his soundcloud page.

His latest venture has been building and establishing PLAY BAR SYDNEY. After drawing inspiration from his last stint in Melbourne and meeting his partner & co-owner Sarah, the two worked hard to build what they hope to be for many years to come, an institution that brings decent music into Surry Hills Sydney. He has programmed every bit of music that has come through the venue and supported a huge range of hiphop, breakbeat DJs and just awesome beat-makers and producers both local and abroad…




Kween G (Kibone) was born in Uganda, East Africa . Kween G’s father sought political asylum in Australia and when Kween G was 4 years old, the family emigrated to Sydney. Attending primary and high school in Australia, Kween G was raised on a steady diet of African music and Reggae, but growing up with three older brothers she was introduced to the culture that would captivate her for life: Hip Hop.

Kween G toured extensively throughout Australia on the festival and club circuit with her original Hip Hop duo Killaqueenz, and released the album Sistarhood through Central Station Records in 2009. Sistarhood features high profile local artists such as Spit Syndicate, Ru C.L., Vida Sunshyne, Lady Chann from London and Buff1 from Detroit. KillaQueenz were the first female duo in Australia to showcase hard-hitting rhymes over a fusion of Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance and Bass music. Their beats were produced by Australian artists, Katalyst and M-Phazes and South Rakkas Crew known for their work with Diplo and Mad Decent.

In 2010, Marrickville Council voted her Young Citizen of the Year, a prestigious honour that rewarded the essential community work that Kween G undertakes. Kween G regularly participates in workshops with Beyond Empathy, an NGO that uses arts genres such as film, digital and mixed media, theatre, music, dance and visual arts to build relationships between inter-generationally disadvantaged young people, local support agency staff and the local community in 13 locations across Australia.

Working as a solo artist, Kween G has maintained a high level of community engagement with young Indigenous teenage girls from Warramangu country in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory. She made yearly visits with the NGO, Beyond Empathy and then with Barkly Regional Arts she facilitated their 2013 Lady Beats project. LADY BEATS was a twelve-week project focusing on girls in Tennant Creek, providing them with skills in singing, lyric writing, recording and performance. Kween G was hired as the trainer and mentor for the twelve-week period, working with the girls on a daily basis to build their technique and skills.



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