Dusty Allen & </br>Paul Favretti </br>[SATURDAY – 10.05.2014]

Dusty Allen &
Paul Favretti
[SATURDAY – 10.05.2014]

This Saturday we welcome two Playboy connoisseurs (the cocktail) & residents to rip up the decks at Play :)




International Mixologist of Dance Music – I know no boundaries of genre. If it gets your hands up and feet down, it gets played.




Dusty “Roberto” Allen burst onto the scene, like a giant water balloon filled with kebab meat & chilli sauce had erupted, after being dropped from the eiffel tower onto annoying daytime tourists…

What we are trying to say is his beats are fat, hot & explosive… The man knows his funk & old hip hop and isn’t afraid to have a beer while spinnin’ it.

Dusty’s sets are often filled with some of the funkiest shit going round and he never disappoints.