For the better part of two decades, Brisbane’s DJ Katch has worked as a DJ and musician. His output over that time and his dedication to hip-hop has resulted in him becoming a key figure in the Australian hip-hop community through his band Resin Dogs and label Hydrofunk.

Originally accompanying various breakdance groups in Brisbane in the mid-eighties, it wasn’t long before Katch’s mixes were in demand outside of the breakdance scene. Distinctly aware of the lack of hip-hop being played in and around Brisbane, Katch took up a weekly spot at the Brisbane community radio station 4ZzZ. It was from this point that Katch established the Phat Tapes program, a radio show dedicated to hip-hop now into its 20th year. This program was the first of its kind in Brisbane and helped to introduce audiences to hip-hop from the USA and UK, as well as offering exposure to the many underground hip-hop acts operating throughout Australia.

In 1989, Katch took part in the annual DMC championships in Queensland and for the next three years running was the Queensland champion. Retiring from the competition in 1991, Katch started up a number of hip-hop parties that year and it was these events, which would eventually lead to the formation of his label Hydrofunk. The parties were not only the first of their kind in Brisbane but also brought together the four-elements of hip-hop in a glorious celebration of sound and culture.

As the parties grew in popularity and Katch’s work as a scratch DJ was becoming more widely recognised he found himself being invited to perform and record for a number of bands including Regurgitator. Following one such invitation, he and several other musicians founded the group Elevation, which laid the roots of his current group Resin Dogs.

Throughout the mid-nineties Resin Dogs toured ceaselessly and following a number of sold out national tours, the band was signed to Virgin Records – their debut album Grand Theft Audio being released in 2000 (which is now Gold Status in OZ) saw the band play every major festival around Australia (BIG DAY OUT , Vibes on A summers Day, Splender , Homebake, Woodford, Falls festivals to name a few, for 3+ years . With the release of Hi Fidelity Dirt in 2003 which found the dogs constantly touring overseas for another 3 years at prestigious festivals, Womad ( UK), Colors of Ostriva (Chec Republic) Siget festival Hungary plus invited to play at Fabric by UKs Plump djs , Air at Rythm factory by Ali B, with there own sellout shows at Cargo have seen the dogs create a fanbase throughout the Uk Ireland and Europe

Alongside the live performances with Resin Dogs, Katch was maintaining a number of key residencies around the country including weekly and monthly slots at venues such as Ric’s Café and Bar, Minke Bar, Funktrust and others – he has also DJed widely in the UK with slots at The Cargo Club and Blue Note (Ireland).Supports for NZs Fat Freddys Drop, Kora , Salmonella Dub ,Questlove, Nas ,Public Enemy, De la Soul, Dj krush , Jazzy Jeff, Flying Lotus, Bronx Dogs, Ztrip, Tricky, Lillyworld At BDO Dj Spooky, Ugly Duckling , Turntables on the Hudsons Nicodemus,still in demand around the country as a solo Dj and was invited to DJ the store opening in Perth & Brisbane Stores for international boutique label BALLY

Joined by Dave Atkins (drummer for Resin Dogs) on several Australian DJ sets, the pair’s intuitive style led them to working together on a focused hip-hop duo called 2Dogs. This combination worked effectively and before long they had produced a series of full lengths and 12”s including Prozac Beats and D + K Sessions.

Currently working with Dave towards Resin Dogs & 2dogs material, Katch is also focusing on his upcoming various production and remix projects including numerous releases for his Hydrofunk label. Now residing in Northern NSW where he & Dave Dog are finishing off the studio, currently hosting residencies at Brisbane’s, Rumpus Room, Kerbside & LaRuche

Selected Discography

Whoever Wants To Be Born Must Destroy A World
Indian Root Pills

Precision Oiler
Greatest Hits Vol.3

Resin Dogs
Volcanic Lab
From the volcanic Lab japan Edition/ Dea
Grand Theft Audio
Daily trouble 12
Give me a break 12
Hardgroove 12
Rock the record 7”
Live Like Dogs Live EP
Set It Off EP featuring Abstract Rude (project blowed / freestyle
Hi Fidelity Dirt
Take off EP
Gunshot dub 12
She’s gone (UK Jalepino Records)
Definition EP
More LP
Even More
Smoking in the darkness / Roy 7”

Prozac Beats
D + K Sessions

HYDROFUNK compilation
Sub – Urb – An files – various artists