Born and raised in São Paolo, Brazil. Irie currently lives in Groningen, The Netherlands. A typical name for the busy bee he is. ‘Irie’ is his actual his first name.

His style can best be described as ‘eclectic’, mashing and mixing hip hop, reggae, funk and soul, rock, breaks, dubstep and even pop music. Irie evolves himself, since “style” is never a definite concept and needs revision on a daily basis. Gifted with a pair of hands that operate best at the speed of sound and a broad interest in styles and genres, DJ Irie is one of The Netherlands’ most forth going, top notch turntablists, renowned for his skills.

Competing in turntable battles since 1998. Irie wins the Dutch DMC Championship in 2002 and manages to prolong his title for 5 years! His hunger for face-to-face supremacy battles results in a runner up World Champion title at the DMC World Championships in London in 2005.

In 2006 Irie is asked to join urban theatre company ‘Ish’. With them he tours the globe. The collaboration works out flawlessly and Irie commits himself to the group as resident (cinematic) deejay. Besides performing Irie involves in producing musical and visual content for Ish’ theatre shows.

Multi talented thinking beyond boundaries, Irie successfully adopts video scratching in his mix. He named it “Cinematic” deejaying. It doesn’t only enhance his abilities, it proved to be a strong visual ‘tool’ to capture a crowd during shows. It enables him to spread a message in sound as well as image and create a fulfilling, 360-degree experience for the audience. In 2012 Irie won first place at the very first held European vidoe-dj battle, called ‘Mixmove’ in Paris, France. Later that year he got placed third at the annual VDJC Battle in Las Vegas [NV].