[THURSDAY – 18.09.2014]

Thursday night’s we open up the decks to the neighborhood to see what old gems are hiding away in your living rooms. Dust off your old milk crates and come down for a spin.

Drop the crew a line at PLAY BAR CREW to book in a spot or just rock up and see what’s happening, we’ll fit you in, no sweat…



6.30-8.30 David Jacyna &Fifi le Frug
8.30-9.30 DJ Archie


Full respect & credit to the diggin’ video above, from one of the greatest documentaries in history, “SKRATCH“, directed by Doug Pray. I think this snippet encapsulates everything about what crate diggin’ should be about and couldn’t say it better if I tried.

This concept of competition, wanting to be “the best,” does not keep turntablists apart (“It ain’t like real beef”). Rather, they make a point of working together, sharing ideas and encouraging one another. They go on “digging” jaunts (DJ Shadow leads the handheld camera through a basement so stuffed with records that he can barely walk through—he calls it “my little nirvana,” then warns the crew: “Careful, I once found a mummified bat under one of the records”). Several scenes involve artists playing with one another: Mix Master Mike (perhaps most famous for his work with the Beastie Boys, and also a member of Invisibl Skratch Piklz) and the popular Filipino DJ Qbert (also of Invisibl Skratch Piklz); Shadow and Cut Chemist working with Steinski; and Jurassic 5 on stage with Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark (who says of working with these pioneering MCs, “It’s fun, but it’s always a challenge”). – wiki