AGDA – SHOTDOWN </br>[WEDNESDAY – 18.06.2014]

[WEDNESDAY – 18.06.2014]

For 2014 we welcome Tony Ibbotson (The Creative Method), Tim Jones (Independent Photographer) and Mike Tosetto (Interbrand) to the stage. Hear them talk about failed concepts, failed projects, stuff that they were gutted didnt get through.


We all have them, ideas that you slave over only to have the concept shot down by the client. Find out why the work was shot down. Was the designer right? Or did the client have a good point?

Join the guest speakers as they reveal projects unseen, unheard, unrealised and under appreciated.

To keep the speakers in order we have the infamous Christopher Doyle who will MC the event.


Mike Tosetto is obsessed with animation and loves making things move. Over the years as a motion designer, he’s won numerous awards and has had work featured by some of his favourite animation blogs and design magazines.

He spends way too much of his spare time on side projects, experimenting with new techniques and collaborating with other creatives. Mike also plays the didgeridoo, which took him to Glastonbury Festival in a past life.

He’s proud to work with Interbrand as the Motion Director where he’s surrounded by designers, writers and strategists who are driven by big ideas.

Tim Jones has built his career on photographing handsomely hirsute males across Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

A very likeable guy, it’s no surprise much of his work stems from chats at the pub, socialising and generally being an awesomely friendly (and talented) individual. No job too large, small or painful, Tim always brings a smile that rivals that of Dick van Dyke at a chimney party.

Needless to say, Tim failed to supply his bio in time, hence we wrote it for him. Oh, and his clients include VW, Optus, Commonwealth Bank, AGDA and a plethora of others. Go Tim.

Tony Ibbotson is the owner and director of The Creative Method which he established in 2005.

He has been shot down at will throughout his whole career by both global and local clients from NZ, UK, Europe, USA and throughout all of Asia.

After taking more hits than ‘wack a mole’ game at Hoyts Cinema he is happy to share some insights into how to take a shot and come out the other end all for the small price of hair retention.


Wednesday 18th June

72 Campbell Street, Surry Hills

Tickets $40
Members $25


Anita Lyons 02 9975 4008
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