AGDA – How creativity saved my life </br>[THURSDAY – 06.11.2014]

AGDA – How creativity saved my life
[THURSDAY – 06.11.2014]

The Topic : How creativity saved my life

Creativity – it’s a peculiar one. We all live and work under the umbrella of creativity, and yet the circumstances in which resulted in our current situations vary dramatically. Seven speakers will cover off the very broad topic of ‘how creativity saved my life’ – Figuratively, metaphorically or literally or – who knows?

Pecha Kucha

If it’s your first time, then hold onto your seats. If you’ve been to one before, then you know the deal. Pecha Kucha is rapid and to the point – presentation format of 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, automatic page flip. Say hello to the no waffling, zero monotony, anti-mind-numming talks that promise to keep you engaged.

Special Guests

Tim Lindsay (D&AD CEO) and Paula Taylor (D&AD) will be stopping by to see what’s going on with design in Australia. Nic Eldridge (AGDA CEO) will also be there to see how we do it in Sydney. Make them welcome, have a natter and buy them a drink or three.

7 X Speakers:

1.Jon Clark – Bold Inc
2.Oliver Maltby – Interbrand
3.Leanne Sobel – Place Associates
4.Adrian Weller – Ascender
5.Matt Morgan – Landor
6.Howard Parry-Husbands – Pollinate

Date: Thursday, 6 November 2014 – 6.30pm
Venue: Play Bar, 72 Campbell St, Surry Hills

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