AGDA Event </br>First Five Out</br>[WEDNESDAY – 01.07.2015]

AGDA Event
First Five Out
[WEDNESDAY – 01.07.2015]

First Five Out is back again but this year we’ve taken a slightly different approach. ’First Five Out or Thereabouts’ focuses on four very different designers whose journeys have taken them on some interesting paths over a different time frame.

Join us at the ever popular PLAY Bar, and see what drives and motivates our keynote speakers to stay on top of the game right from college to the present day, or thereabouts.

Welcome Mike Tosetto (Motion Designer), Jordan Stokes (Born & Raised), Olivia King (For The People) and Jefton Sungkar (Freelance Designer).

Mike Tosetto

Mike Tosetto runs his own studio in Sydney producing motion graphics, animation and design for both local and international clients.

An awarded designer, Mike’s work has featured in some of the industry’s most respected design blogs and publications.

As an active member of the design community, Mike is also a proud member of the AGDA Council, regularly speaks at industry events and teaches a weekly motion graphics class.

He spends too much of his spare time glued to screens, working on side projects and attempting to craft the perfect bezier curve.

Mike also plays the didjeridoo, which took him to Glastonbury Festival in a past life.


Jordan Stokes

Jordan started his career at a small studio in an odd little town in Cheshire in the UK. After quickly realising that the small town life just wasn’t for him, Jordan moved to Manchester where, after a 4 month placement at The Chase, he took a job at the newly formed Music.

Jordan spent 3 and a half years at Music where he learning the trade and earning his stripes, doing some great work and winning a few awards along the way. In 2009 Jordan decided to leave the UK behind and set out on an adventure to the other side of the world (kind of). After a little freelancing, some travelling and a couple of short spells at Ogilvy and Maud, Joran was lucky enough to find himself with a job at Born & Raised where he has been for just over a year.


Olivia King

Olivia King is a designer, thinker, writer, problem solver, podcaster, printer and professional list maker.

Post uni for a few years now, she’s been honing her skills at The Distillery, Re, and getting up to all sorts at For The People (as the first employee her official job title is ‘Swiss Army Knife’). She’s already picked up a few awards here and there, including accolades from AGDA, NY Type Directors Club and AWARD. She’s passionate about everything and anything, but particularly typography, web, 90’s hip hop and bad puns.


Jefton Sungkar

Jefton graduated from Billy Blue in 2008 and started his career as an intern with the Shine program at Landor Associates. Subsequently he was offered a position as designer after working on several packaging and corporate identity projects including The City of Melbourne and Yummy Tummy Koalas.

Two years later, he moved to Interbrand where he worked on Alzheimer’s Australia and The Great Blandini among other identity related projects. In the four years of agency life he has won numerous awards both in Australia and internationally. He then decided it was time to re-evaluate what it is he wanted to do, and left to go backpacking around South America and the Middle East for several months. These days, you’ll find him freelancing in design agencies around Sydney in between his long trips to exotic places around the world.



72 Campbell Street
Surry Hills

Wednesday 1st July 2015
from 6.30pm

Students $15
Members $25 (includes a free drink)
Public $35