#thehangs feat. GC OConnor **LIVE** & Trim Foley **LIVE** – 19.01.2017

DATE: 19th JAN 2017
Trim Foley **LIVE**

Behind The Front x PLAY BAR present “#THEHANGS” – a monthly event showcasing original music.

Celebrating original music is one thing we value in our cultural economy in whatever artistic discipline/format. We believe in the high calibre of artists that are saturating our local live scene, colouring our artistic landscape, and we want YOU to come and indulge.

January 19th kicks off our first #thehangs for 2017. We will be creating visual content along the way to help shape what it means to be original, what it means to create and what it means to be courageous.

The artists selected are what we consider quality, forward-thinking and multi-dimensional.

As long as they inspire and make us feel things, we’re going to share.

/// TRIM FOLEY ///

Trim Foley is a new solo, live experimental electronic musician.

The project began by recording experimental samples and rhythms in the leftover studio time after band sessions. In his other life as a sound designer he was collecting dusty, off-cut analog beats and discarded atmos sounds from his city wanderings.
His sound is the result of a what a drummer wanted to hear when there is no more band, the sound behind the song; the product of ears that have been behind a drum kit for 15 years meditating on noise.

Trim Foley’s style is best described as abstract instrumental hip hop, analog lo fi textures, lush atmospherics and live bent beats. His onstage show invites you into the ‘making of’ with live drumming on samplers, triggering and looping using only sounds that he’s recorded and produced himself.





Video images from Dusty Runner feat. Natalie Slade – Colliderscope @the crack, Umbrella Spock and Smoke Pusher. Taken with permission from artist.

/// B E H I N D T H E F R O N T ///

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