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2014 Australian DMC Champs

2014 Australian DMC Champs

Congrats too B.two for taking out the aus DMC Champs… Good luck in the worlds… The judges : Total Eclipse, J-Red, Perplex, KC, Kuya, Dizar, and Dexta. The results of the 2014 Australian DMC DJ Championships are as follows: 1st place: B.two (Defending Champ, VIC) 2nd place: Midsole (WA) 3rd place: Broke (NSW) Full results [...]

Syd Def Jam – EST 1984 (July 2014)

Video was shot on a Sunny Winter day on 13 July 2014 in Sydney Park – St Peters

MAUD (Yes Yes Y'all Crew) on tonight [17.08.2013]

MAUD (Yes Yes Y’all Crew) on tonight [17.08.2013]

MAUD, aka Simon Davidson, member of the Yes Yes Y’all crew and all round beat junkie comes to PLAY! Watch out for the up and coming YYY nights taking place here at PLAY very soon. He is on the decks tonight from 8-10PM followed by Mr. Benny Hinn. Catch you soon



We strongly believe in these core elements of our business and would like to thank everyone who has paid a visit to PLAY BAR in our first two months and seen what we are all about. We look forward to bringing you some v. cool things in the near future, spanning from a few new [...]