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DAMEZA (aka the Surgeon General from TAS) V ZERO in SEMI FINAL II last week – next level turntable business!!


For anyone who missed last weeks HUGE 1st Semi final battle here is CO$T vs HEAVY HANDS….big ups to CO$T for taking it out and props to HEAVY HANDS for pushing it to a 4th round decider!!!



After 3 intense Rounds this is where the scorecard sits…

Heavy Hands (WAX WARS Series II)

After a MONSTER first round we are back with the next round of WAX WARS… Wax Wars is here to bring turntablism out of the shadows and into the spotlight where it belongs. www.waxwars.com.au

DJ Craze sends a pointed message with ‘New Slaves Routine’

Here’s a dope article by David Klemow… @daverighteous1 from www.dancingastronaut.com Its fair to say that the term DJ is being thrown around a little bit. Maybe even dragged through the mud in some cases. It seems nowadays anyone in front of some CDJs can call themselves a DJ. Understandably so, some of the people that [...]

YUM YUM's new baby

YUM YUM’s new baby

triple j Unearthed Embedded Player Yum Yum just happened… In May 2014, a friend of a friend passed on a USB of Jayo’s beats to Slade, who a week later wrote to one of the tracks and gave Jayo a call. The two started jamming and named them selves after a mumbled conversation they had… [...]